Familia Rubino


The wine in Mendoza was born thanks to hundreds of producing families that over the years planted, cultivated and fermented the juice of the grapes that they have cultivated and then served to accompany tables and table talks, year after year without stopping.

But each story is different, and ours was born from the singing of a lady that was heard among the vines. It was said that with her voice she had the power to attract wind to heal sick plants and strengthen small berries with her songs in the full sun of January.

It was stated that during spring she played melancholic melodies so tears would sprout from the vine´s shoots and that she made grapes blush with love words so that veraison would take place.

Woman of the earth, wind tamer, the one that has the grace, the one that is called Delfina.

First it was a woman, then came the generations that sprouted from her roots and that today carry in their blood the unbroken passion for making great wines.